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What I've worked on

I’ve had the opportunity to breath life into a brand, bring marketing funnels to market and worked with the leading publishing company to deliver results month after month. Below are a few highlights of what I’ve done.

RocketFailover Intro Video
RocketFailover Intro Video
Advanced Analytical Technologies, Inc.
Emails and Landing Pages
Application Note Email
Application Note
Landing Page
RocketFailover Whitepaper
RocketFailover Case Study
Story Email
Story Landing Page
Unifying a Company

This re-branding effort faced a major challenge of linking the three divisions of the company into one cohesive group while retaining there own identities.

RDIworks focused their efforts on providing local managed services. RDI A/V focused on the local audio visual space. Thinix was a developmental division creating the latest products for the hospitality industry and beyond. 

All this confusion lead to a total company collateral overhaul. The end result was uniformity across the three branches. You can see an example of this before and after to the right.

Below we can see the end result. 

A campaign to bring the new look to life

In order to bring attention to the new look and feel of RDI I helped put together a campaign spanning print, radio, online and social media.

Print Ads
Radio Ads
RDI Radio Ad -
00:00 / 00:00
Online Ad
Social Media Posting
Websites I've worked on
Nick Frazier Consulting & Business Strategy
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