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Nick Frazier

Stragetic Planning

I worked with the RDIs sales team to create a seamless lead capture that passed opportunities from tradeshows, e-mail campaigns and our advertising efforts back into our sales funnel.

Data Analytics

In developing new slogans, I used Google AdWords to test a variety of ideas measuring our success through data and not gut reaction alone. 

Media Buying

I put together and managed a promotional campaign spanning radio, newspaper, online, email and direct mailer advertising targeting businesses in Northwest Iowa totaling over $50,000.

Website Design

While working with RDI I launched a new product, iStatus, designed for a niche market in the B2B world.

Market Research

During my time managing EasyView I developed personas detailing what made Real Estate agents tick and how we could better connect our marketing efforts with them.

Project Management

At RDI I oversaw the creative team making sure that marketing material was created with uniformity and in a timely fashion.

Business Planning

Through data analytics, interviews and effective communication I worked to save RDI a projected $200,000 dollars previously being spent on poor sales strategies. 

Content Marketing

With RDI I worked to create a consistent stream of content for EasyView, a real estate solution helping to link buyers to real estate agents. 

Internal Communications

At Two Rivers Marketing I worked across company lines and helped develop quarterly reports to be delivered in a timely manner to senior leadership within the company.

Business Strategy | Nick Frazier Consulting
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